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Right out of college or trying to switch from your existing job or trying to move up the ladder in your job or up-scaling your business, any new phase of your life demands an altogether new you. Adapting to the new work culture and upgrading your current work culture cannot happen with the same resources and same skill sets, to bring about innovation, something different always has to be taken into consideration. One cannot overlook the fact that with the same skill set, one can only master the process like a machine but not bring innovation or develop a better understanding.

To bridge the gap between the education and the industry requirements, certification programs are one of many options. A certification course finds no bar of profession or age. The courses designed are job focused and independent of job setting. Certification programs help you to be competitive in the industry by updating your area-specific knowledge and highlighting your professional commitment. In fact, internationally acclaimed certifications are always an add-on to your profile and have an elite place in the industry.
A Professional Certification program is more of a personal training program that keeps you upbeat with the latest technologies/ customs/business practices. If you take a closer look at the program, it helps you in many ways:
• A well-designed certification program helps you gain practical skills for the job, as it focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities.
• It helps you realize your area of maximum benefit from a wide range of expertise areas.
• Learn all aspects of a specific type of career pursuit while also providing organization with a standard of assured excellence from these professionals
• Effectively integrate these career pursuits into one’s specific work setting
However, with tons of certification programs acclaimed by various institutes choosing the correct certification program in BPM is a must. One doesn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money and spend hours in learning something which is outdated or has no value or just Youtube trivia.
With the view of making a professional capable of implementing and understanding the Business Processes well, the Q3edge consulting has created a Professional Certification Program. The program has been curated with a deep understanding of the basics and advanced levels of Business Process by the experts at Q3edge.

Q3Edge BPM Program Course structure:

bpm training
The certification course enables the professionals to narrow the gap between the theoretical approach of business processes and the Job specific approach. A BPM Asia certified professional stands out in the industry. The BPM Professional Certification Program (Public Program) is organized in association with CII-Institute of Quality and Q3edge Consulting with Leonardo Consulting, Australia. The program will provide you with:
1. Knowledge of BPM methodology
2. Road Map Approach for Implementation
3. The theory and practise of process-based management.
4. How to use the two virtuous circles to embed effective process based management.
5. The seven elements that enable process based management
6. How to design and rollout a project that is process management based.

The certification program with Q3edge is a great place to interact with industry stalwarts and connect with like-minded people who strive everyday to come up with better business processes. The Professional Certification Program for BPM is sure to give you an edge in the competitive world not only with a mere piece of certificate but an overall enthralling experience by adding value to your knowledge.

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Apurva – December 22, 2017

This program is very good

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