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Doing a static business in today’s cut-throat competition is like living on the edge of a mountain. One miscalculated step and everything would go down the cliff. Technologies to techniques, everything is changing the speed never even wondered and thus everyone has to be on their toes to quickly adapt and get going with the change.

With a tremendous roar happening around Business process improvement, there are many theories and concepts being constantly adapted, molded and remolded.One concept which works well for one enterprise may just flip another enterprise and bring nothing good out of it. It is therefore very essential to understand each concept and choosing the best one to incorporate into your business. There are two basic concepts which are used interchangeably by everyone but have a huge difference in terms of their application. Two such concepts are: Business Process Management and Business Process Re-engineering.

Let’s first begin by understanding the two concepts.
Business process management is described as a process and management discipline that analyzes, implements, documents, monitors, controls and sometimes redesigns the business processes.
On the other hand, Business Process Re-engineering is a “radical approach” to current business process. Business process re-engineering necessarily means replacing the existing system. Business process re-engineering does not prophesize on documenting or implementing certain changes in the existing business processes. It only takes into consideration the input and the desired output and comes up with an efficient process to achieve the aim. Business Process Management can be looked at as a soft approach which considers the current processes and believes in flexibility. However, the business process re-engineering strives to create a perfect process from scratch and lays emphasis on replacing manual labor by automation.

Business Process Management is a continual process which aims at attaining efficiency through continual improvement by reiterating the processes. The business process management finds and creates a balance between non-automated and automated approach and does not believe in dehumanizing the workplace.
BPM disciplines the management and people and creates a people-machine friendly atmosphere in enterprises. While Business process re-engineering has technology at the helm. It believes in making a process glitch-free and concrete even if it means reducing human interference.

Business Process management analyses the data gathered by the current processes and thus can be a considered to be a tool that which can be implemented in an enterprise while its processes are in progress and in any phase of the Business. Whereas Business Process re-engineering has a different approach. It eradicates processes and sets up a new process. Re-engineering takes the enterprise back to the designing phase, giving the enterprise a whole new process to adapt to.

It is seen that an enterprise which is doing fairly well in its operations and wants to be a leader and excel in its processes, indulges in Business Process management while the enterprise which is looking out to introduce a new business vertical or a startup which is experimenting works on re-engineering the processes.
It is thus very clear that both the theories work towards the same goal, but have a totally different approach. As important as it is to remain in business and bring innovation to one’s business processes, it is also very critical to choose the approach which will work the best for one’s enterprise and yield the maximum results. It is thus important to gravitate your daily chores to remain upbeat with the changing trends.

The significance of integrating technology with your vision can only be realized by the experts in the field. By working with industry stalwarts for more than 8 years, the team at Q3edge has expertise in understanding what suits your business better, Business Process Management or Business Process Reengineering. The efficient team at Q3edge assures that your time and resources are optimally used and benefits you the most.

We understand that when you designed your processes, you did not only invest your money but also your time. We regard your emotions and thought a process that went into designing the processes and hence deploy all our knowledge in building your business processes, making them world class!

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