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Business Process Mapping is a unique technique used to visualize the working of a business in order to understand and analyze the correlation between the internal team or the internal processes and/or the external team or processes with an aim to bring about congruent change.

In Business Process Mapping, the relations between the entities are identified and represented diagrammatically so as to form a structure that is internationally noted.

Business Process Management helps ensure that the company’s practices are complied with the international standards. Business process mapping helps to discern that the process at every point in time is aligned with your company mission and goals.

Benefits of Business Process Mapping


There comes a time in the organization when the processes come to a standpoint. There is no innovation or improvement in the process and the overheads are increasing but there is hardly anything that can be done because the processes seem alright and the bottlenecks cannot be identified. That is where business process mapping becomes extremely important.

The aim of business process documentation is to standardize the processes so that the processes are always performed in the same optimal way bringing in efficiency, and reducing the room for any confusion.

Business process management is a stepwise process. The business process documentation of the existing process happens. Business process mapping tools are used to form a diagrammatic representation of the processes.

The mapped processes will be analyzed and a concrete optimized solution will be developed to enable and ensure that the processes gain acceleration and quality improvements in production to meet the goals of the organization.

Business Process Mapping with Q3edge


To define and document business processes is crucial. There are many Business Process mapping companies in India striving to cater business struggling with their processes. Although Q3edge works for the same goals, our impeccable innovative modeling techniques, and expert analysis make us stand out.

Business Process mapping consultants at Q3edge are competent in all the business process mapping tools and are well versed in the standard notations and denominations.

Owing to its 8 years of undying and effective solutions, Q3edge has a glaring industrial presence and incredible track record.

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