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Types of Business Process
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Types of Business Process

In last few decades, Businesses have diversified themselves so much. From once a barter system to now cryptocurrencies in trend, Business has evolved leaps and bound. So has the approach of doing business. Business is no more a mere commerce between two enterprises but has become a science and subject of study. A lot of

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Business Process Management Vs Business Process Re-engineering

Doing a static business in today’s cut-throat competition is like living on the edge of a mountain. One miscalculated step and everything would go down the cliff. Technologies to techniques, everything is changing the speed never even wondered and thus everyone has to be on their toes to quickly adapt and get going with the

bpm training
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A Certification program can be a turning point to your career. Find out the best in the industry.

Right out of college or trying to switch from your existing job or trying to move up the ladder in your job or up-scaling your business, any new phase of your life demands an altogether new you. Adapting to the new work culture and upgrading your current work culture cannot happen with the same resources

Business Process Management Consulting
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What is Business Process Management?

“Everybody has an Idea, what counts is an execution!” In the era where everything from “how to fly a helicopter” to “how to make profits on the Balance sheet”, everything is available at one’s fingertips, it’s not at all difficult to manufacture, sell, or buy anything and everything. With competition gearing in from all the

Lean Six Sigma Training
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Lean Six Sigma Training for success of your business

About the Program Six Sigma green belt certification program provides an insight information and practical approach to the Six Sigma techniques, it’s metrics and process improvement methodology. Participants will learn how to integrate Six Sigma methodology for the improvement of production & transactional systems to ensure that customer expectations are met and bottom line objectives

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Why BPM training is important?

To implement and continue with business processes to gain long-term benefits, industry professionals needs BPM training from the experts. Q3edge is your partner for Business Excellence. We are a Business Process Management Solution Company. We also have LEAN and Six Sigma Training Programs for corporates and other industries. We are providing Professional Trainings on BPM:

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Implementation of BPM – Three Key Aspects

Business Process Management: If we go a level deeper, there are three main benefits business process management delivers to an organization. First, BPM helps to focus on what really matters. Studies and research show, that a company only competes with 15 to 20 percent of their processes. 80+ percent are commodity processes that you need