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Business process automation is a way by which companies/firms eliminate the most redundant and complex steps involved in their processes and streamline them to achieve utmost simplicity and managing the business with ease. Automation has turned all the processes hands-free with the help of technology. Its major objective is to provide quality services, to enhance service delivery, to reduce labour cost and to achieve digital transformation. It aims to bring about a revolution and apply software application in the functioning of any/every origination.
It is a manager for managing information, data and other functions. Automation is specifically beneficial in case of repeated steps in business processes of any firm or business. It can drive the process to the extent that the need for human intervention is nullified and the scope for human errors is zero. Automation is very customer friendly.

Benefits of Automation in Business:
1. Cost Effective: The automation is done using computers/Roberts/machines which is a onetime investment. It thereby reduces labour cost.
2. Time Saving: elaborate, complicated and time-consuming process can be performed in seconds with just a few clicks with the tools of business automation.
3. Consumer friendly: Automation of things like filling applications, paying bills, etc. saves consumers from standing in huge queues.
4. Elimination Human errors: Using automated machines and soft-ware renders no scope of human-errors.

How to automate Business Processes?
With the advancement in science and technology, today everything is digitalized. Machines are slowly replacing human efforts. Science and technology have not left any stone unturned in reducing human efforts. Every business involves a series of complex processes which are time-consuming when done manually. Automation tools in the business, have now come into the picture and has reduced human efforts and labour costs.
Here are three sophisticated tools used to automate these complex, time consuming and labour intensive procedures:

Robotic Process Automation: This automation technology is based on the notion of artificial intelligence or soft-ware Roberts. This is one of the greatest innovation in business process automation technology.

In contrast to the traditional workflow, automation tools where a list of actions to automate different tasks and interface requirements are met by programs or script languages developed by software developers, Robotic process automation systems create the list of activities by watching a human actually perform those task in the graphical user interface of the application, thereby the machine/Robert conducts those list of tasks repeatedly. Robotic process automation is the most high-end tool utilized for automating business processes.

Machine learning: Machine-learning capabilities is just another brilliant and very intelligent invocation in the field of Business Process Automation. Machine learning has enabled Business managers to streamline a huge range of monitoring mechanisms and sensors to obtain large operational data.

Collecting the huge amount of data is humanly impossible, and machines have made it just so easy. Machine learning has led to the automation of numerous activities because of its ability to collect and manage unlimited-data.

Computer numeric control: Computer numeric control is again one of the tools that have proven effective in automation of business process. The pre-programmed sequences of machine control commands are fed to the machines leading them to meet desired business automation goals. This is a very efficient manufacturing tool.
CNC involves computers to control machine operations. The machines are programmed with the machine language called G-code, which enables the user to manage speed, feed rate, location and coordination. The CNC machines are substantially used in manufacturing metal and plastic parts.

A salute to the developments in science and technology, life both personal and professional has become so smooth and effortless. With the automation of all the critical steps involved in the business has grown way efficient than ever before.

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