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“Everybody has an Idea, what counts is an execution!”

In the era where everything from “how to fly a helicopter” to “how to make profits on the Balance sheet”, everything is available at one’s fingertips, it’s not at all difficult to manufacture, sell, or buy anything and everything. With competition gearing in from all the spheres, it is very difficult to run a very highly profitable and sustainable business.
Where all the businessmen are buying at the same price and selling at the same price, the question of how do I have an edge over my competitors remains an unresolved paradigm. In order to revive one’s business and regain momentum in the business, a continual improvement in business processes is the only way out of the crisis.

The introduction of Business Process Management in the world has taken it by storm. It is a way of optimizing resources, refining processes, and maximum and effective utilization of the available resources. Business process Management aims to streamline Business objectives with the process to improve process efficiency and profitability.


Business Process Management identifies your processes, the workflow and emphasizes on making significant changes to the process no matter how small to model, execute and enhance the existing system for attaining the targeted growth.
The beauty of Business Process management is that no matter however similar the business is, every business is unique in its processes. It takes deep understanding and the right approach to build and rebuild the business architecture which is highly critical and customized to the enterprise. Here at Q3edge, we understand business problems to identify a source of problems as well as improvement opportunities in your business.

Business Process Management Model at Q3Edge

The expert team at Q3edge delves in BPM not as a one-time methodology but as a practice to be used as a cycle to evaluate the complete flow of business and partaking actions to improve the organizational efficiency on whole.

Q3edge Business Process Model is built on four major propositions: Design, Business Intelligence, Process automation and system integration. All the propositions form the pillars of the Business Process Management approach by Q3edge. The designing phase defines the complete business/enterprise architecture which becomes the starting point for process execution of any enterprise. This phase helps in giving a structure to the organization and continually making the process robust.
Implementing Business Intelligence in an enterprise helps in monitoring the business processes and evaluating the performance driven by the processes. Business Intelligence keeps a track of the effectiveness of the business through real-time data analysis and identifying the various ways to business process.

Automating business processes brings the best of Technology and operational processes bringing about an other-worldly effect on an Enterprise. Process automation reduces human interference and diminishes minor errors thus producing an error-free output every time! It reduces the costs involved in tracking, rectifying and eliminating errors.
Keeping in mind the significance of communication, Q3edge looks at system integration as a separate facet. It is very important for the enterprise to know and interact with its clients regularly and continuously while on the other hand, it is very crucial to set up an error-free, robust, quick and swift communication between the various departments/ processes within the enterprise. Integrating system forms an integral part of Business Process Management as it ensures effective and smooth operations and communications.

With the expert team at Q3edge, putting down these crucial aspects together is seamless.

The team Q3edge involves itself in the business processes of an enterprise making it as its own and thus even the most critical aspects are dealt with warmth and care.

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