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To implement and continue with business processes to gain long-term benefits, industry professionals needs BPM training from the experts. Q3edge is your partner for Business Excellence. We are a Business Process Management Solution Company.

We also have LEAN and Six Sigma Training Programs for corporates and other industries.
We are providing Professional Trainings on BPM:
Business Process Management using ARIS

About the Program

Process Compliance can be hard. Almost all processes require in depth understanding and acceptance from all stakeholders for successful implementation. The difficult part is to break functional silos and define a process which reflects true business values with complete end to end visibility. A significant part of process definition is to use a method which collaborate all business users to define processes to strengthen business operations.

ARIS Architect & ARIS Designer are two tools offering one powerful way to model your processes and then optimize your business. Together these products create a collaborative process design tool that is easy to access and easy to use. Virtually any one can design agile processes to improve business performance, from product development to sales and services.

This two days program will help the participants to design business processes using best process modeling conventions. It will also help participants map out the likely consequences in process definition and prepare for best course of action to accelerate business process re-engineering and process compliance.

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