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Business Process Modeling Step-by-step Guide: Definition, Techniques, and Benefits

Business Process Modeling: Business processes is at the core of every business. It decides the way by which any business is being operated. Moreover, it provides us a deeper insight of what they actually are, what are the ways by which they function and what kind of impact they create! The more clarity of accountability […]

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Business Process Optimization : Definition and Techniques

Business Process Optimization is the process of analyzing your old business processes and increasing their efficiency by optimizing them. The basic idea is to make it more efficient – by whichever means possible. It can vary depending on the process conditions. Business Process Optimization is a part of Business Process Management (BPM), the final to […]

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Process Improvement what is it ? How does it Help in Business Growth?

How do you ensure quality improvement and better end-user experience in a business? With effective process improvement, your business can grow exponentially. Process improvement comprises all the business practice to identify, analyze and improve the existing business processes. This helps in performance optimization, meeting the best standards for business practice. This, in turn, improves the […]

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Business Process Transformation: Complete Guide

According to IDC, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies say that they will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy. Business Process Transformation comprises drastically modifying the process elements so as to meet new business aims and goals. Generally, the new goals and objectives revolve around the new set of […]

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Your Personal Guide to Business Process Automation

Business process automation manipulate the power of technology by utilizing the already available resources. Implementing process automation requires effective and clear business process definition.According to a survey report by Forrester, about 22% of businesses still lack excellence of process and automation in workflows. The critical aspects of customer satisfaction and growing revenue. If you want […]

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Process Failure Caused the Loss of $193 million Mars Orbiter by NASA

NASA launched a program called ‘Mars Surveyor program’ in 1993 to conduct a series of experiments to explore Mars. Unfortunately, the mission failed miserably just because of one silly mistake! And that was NASA’s lack of processes. Although there’s no doubt that NASA is full of highly talented and extremely intelligent people — literal rocket […]

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Business Process Improvement Methodologies to Smoothen the Workflow

Business Process Improvement Methodologies Overview: Business process improvement (BPI) can prove to be very fruitful for a company. For example, in order to smoothen the communication within an organization, BPI minimizes the number of emails sent between people and departments, with interactive software available for all the areas. Thus, everyone can see and share information, […]

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