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What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? How to Calculate it?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a metric that measures the functioning of a running manufacturing unit compared to its full potential. To simplify, OEE measures the percentage of productive manufacturing time. An ideal OEE is 100% which can only be possible when the quality, performance, and Availability are 100%. How to Use Overall Equipment Effectiveness […]

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What is Business Process Design, Steps and Importance ?

In the highly dynamic business world where competition levels are rising every day, business owners and managers can not afford to run their organizations and companies in a chaotic manner anymore. Undefined business processes can lead to chaos that can result in low levels of productivity and inconsistent outcomes. Businesses need to have defined systems […]

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Business Process Services: Definition, Benefits, and Types

With the rapid change in technology, the fundamental nature of businesses is also evolving very fast. The organizations which once claimed to be the world leaders in their zone are now compelled to give way to the new age technology-driven unique business models controlled by the next-gen dynamics this is where business process services come […]

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