Q3edge Methodology

STEP™ : Strategy to Execution Path™

With Q3edge, you can improve your business processes continuously. Start with designing business strategies and map with business objectives and processes. Understand business problems to identify source of problems as well as improvement opportunities. Q3edge process modeling approach defines the complete business / enterprise architecture which becomes the starting point for process execution. Using business intelligence, you can monitor process driven business performance through real time data analysis and identify how to optimize business processes. Q3edge Robotic Process automation delivers faster process output with almost eliminating possibility of errors with an additional advantage of reducing cost of delivery by more than 30%. System integration, virtually, integrate any IT system to make effortless and seamless LEAN execution application system in organization. 

You can talk to your data to get information in natural language and our Chat Bot solution fully integrated with Artificial Intelligence provide you right information as and when you require. Our chat bot is compatible with any message service or any app you wish you integrate with.

Our Model

Q3edge Digital Enterprise Model: Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive

System Integration & Workflow

  1. Integrate Systems, Data, Devices, SaaS Application
Strategy to Execution Path q3edge methodology


Design & Map

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Business Objectives
  3. Business Processes and KPIs
  4. Risk Management
  5. Governance Management

Robotic Process Automation

  1. Mimic human actions which are rule based and traditionally done by human workforce
  2. Robotic Automation of transactional processes

Business Intelligence 

  1. Real Time Business Performance Monitoring
  2. Evaluate & Analyze True Source of Problem
  3. Simulate & Optimize Business Process


With better processes across business and IT systems, your Digital Enterprise can respond faster to changing customer, business and market needs. Q3edge business process modeling design approach is used to document and design business strategy and map with organization objectives (Balance score cards) and business processes (with process KPIs). With the bpm approach to map Strategy with business processes, you can leverage the wisdom of stakeholders to support continuous process improvement and take advantage to control business processes through effective governance. You can also define organization approach by keeping the customer experience management as priority. This is essential to initiate your digital enterprise journey.

Q3edge Methodology
Q3edge Methodology

Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics and lower cost computing give companies a powerful tool to manage business performance, as fast as every minute. IF your data does not have any purpose, you are only spinning the wheels. Q3edge business intelligence will integrate your data with performance metrics and provide a real time monitoring capability. You will get an insight about the competitive advantages and truly “listen to your customer” using intelligent data mining. An integration of business performance metrics with business objectives and strategies, help an organization to monitor the status and health of critical for organization, where to focus, when and how much. In addition, with the simulation of business processes on different parameters will help organization to predict the expected output with as good as 95% confidence level.

Robotic Process Automation

Enterprises can maximize the value of their two biggest investment: People and Technology through intelligence and robotic automation. There are many high volume, low complexity tasks which are traditionally done by employees can be easily automated without any human intervention. Intelligent robotic process automation can enable a complete process, end to end,– to be run unattended. RPA is a next generation tools that assists the knowledge worker by removing repetitive, replicable and routine tasks. It can radically improve customer journeys by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes. 

Q3edge Methodology1
Q3edge Methodology

System Integration

“Contact your customer as soon as they feel to contact you”, today customer is digitally connected and expects a friction less experience regardless of channel or location. Whereas our internal business processes make it difficult as processes are tied up in silos of application and IT systems. Either one system does not talk to other or require significant investment to upgrade as compare to the value which you expect from the integration. You need to carve out the digital path that help your customer to connect and provide them what they need and when they need it.

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