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Q3edge Corporate Education & Research Group is a knowledge and capability building group, established in 2012 as part of Q3edge Consulting, a premier provider of corporate training and research & surveys programs. For nearly 6 years, Q3edge has collaborated with clients to optimize individual, team and organizational performance. Our aim is to provide specific, practical and value intensive tailored approach to establish knowledge and capabilities for each specific client.

1.Training Programs

Q3edge specialized corporate and open house programs will assist to create, develop, grow and sustain knowledge and capabilities. For effective process management. We offer following specialized programs globally:

“Manage your business through process”, requires specialized and focused knowledge and skill which are very essential for any organization, irrespective of size and industry. BPM is an approach to bring an organization to a high maturity journey and improve process capabilities at the same time.

We have two specialized programs on Business Process Management. Our program is specially designed by global BPM guru Mr. Roger Tregear.

“Filling the critical “idea generation” gap for all process improvement”. You’ve studied the As Is. You’ve identified the problems. Now you need to discover the very best ideas for change that will solve those problems. Our Process Innovation Program ensures that Innovation must be predictable; it can’t be left to chance. This program is also designed with copyrighted material of Mr. Roger Tregear.


Innovation must be predictable; it can’t be left to chance. This 3-day course delivers practical advice and tools you can use immediately to generate great process change ideas. Stop relying on chance. Discover the 4 Dimensions Model of idea generation: Enhancement, Innovation, Derivation and Utilization.

Whether you use Six Sigma, Lean or some other process methodology, you still need to discover the best ideas for change. This course fills this important “idea generation” gap for all process practitioners. It will help you realistically improve the quality of your process improvement initiatives.

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Business Processes are important. The values of the business processes are well known to the organizations and hence Organizations spend lot of time, effort and cost on defining business processes. In addition, take every single step to ensure that business processes are rightly understood by all business users. The fact is, processes are executed mostly as per individual experience and knowledge and less as per defined document (standard operating procedures).


This one-day, tool-neutral training program is a breakthrough experience for all process experts, practitioners and those who manage them. This program helps to define the process in more specialized manner that go well with the today’s need of digitization. Program is developed by experienced modellers which gives practical advice and guidance on contemporary modelling best practice.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for both managers and business/process analysts. It focuses on applying standard best practices of process management and approach to define complete and appropriate business processes. This course is a must for business and IT analysts and designers involved in process-based change and the automation of process solutions. Anyone involved in any aspect of managing a business process change effort will benefit from this course.

2.Survey & Research Program

    We are a management consulting firm with a dedicated team of process and technology practitioners to solve business problems. Established in 2009, Q3edge has partnered with leading global companies in their journey for business process management for continuous process improvement through technology


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